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Few days ago, I had been working on an application, called Fee Management System, which used to take the fee details from students and display the records on the basis of certain search criteria in a grid. Then the fee collector could print the entire details in the form of a report. Although, it was not a tedious task, the integration of printing with the application took most of the time.

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Students who will be admitted in this college for Bachelor of Physical Education Course, 2017-19 will report at the college on Monday dated the 24th July, 2017 before 12.00 noon. The introductory function of the new session will be held on the same day at 3.00 P.M in the class room. Students are directed to bring the following articles along with their personal belongings which are very essential during the Training period of a residential college. 1. Sports shoe (Black Goldstart) - Two Pairs 2. Jersey Pant - Two Sets 3. White Bed Sheet - One 4. White Canvas Shoe - One Pair 5. White Socks - One Pair 6. Athletic (Running) Shoe - One Pair In addition personal bedding, steel rice plate, steel glass, plastic bucket, water jug, Lock & Key, umbrella, Torch Light, 10 copies colored passport size photograph, Note Book, Whistle, Mosquito Net.

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